Key Information

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting provides KGOU with an annual grant and requires KGOU to disclose the following information.

1. Station Staff. A list of station staff and contact information can be found at this link. The executive staff of KGOU is Karen Holp, General Manager; Cindy Cottrell, Business Manager; Jolly Brown, Development Director; Jim Johnson, Program Director; and Patrick Roberts, Chief Engineer.

2. Board of Directors. KGOU is owned by the University of Oklahoma and governed by the Board of Regents of the University of Oklahoma.  Information about the Board of Regents can be found here. The Board of Regents include Chairman of the Board of Regents for 2014-15 Tom Clark and vice chairman Jon R. Stuart. Other members of the Board are A. Max Weitzenhoffer, Clayton I. Bennett, Kirk D. Humphreys, Leslie J. Rainbolt-Forbes, and Bill W. Burgess, Jr.

3. Community Advisory Board. By law, KGOU is not required and does not have a community advisory board.

4. Open Meetings. All meetings of the Board of Regents of the University of Oklahoma are open to the public. Information on the date, time and location of the meetings, as well as minutes of past meetings are available here. The meeting dates and locations for 2015 are:

January 28-29, Lawton

March 10-11, Claremore and Tulsa

May 7-8, Norman

June 22-24, Ardmore

September 16-17, Norman

October 27-28, Lawton

December 1-2, Norman

Please check the web page link above for updates, agendas and specific information about the regents and their meetings.

5. Most Recent Audited Financial Statements. KGOU's most recent audited financial statements are here.

6. Annual Financial Reports. These reports are made annually to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.  A copy of the most recent report is here: KGOU's CPB Financial Report FY13.

7. Employee and Contractor Compensation. KGOU does not file a separate IRS 990.  Instead, here is the information required in Part VIIA and Part VVB: KGOU's Replication of IRS 990.

8. Local Content and Services Report. This report, made annually to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting each February, is here.

9. Diversity and Equal Opportunity Employment. KGOU supports equal employment opportunities and works against discrimination in employment. KGOU operates within the principles outlined in the University of Oklahoma’s Office of Equal Opportunity. Click here to read the CPB Diversity Statement.

10. Equal Opportunity Report (EEO). Each year, KGOU files an equal opportunity report with the Federal Communications Commission.  This is the latest report:  Equal Employment Opportunity Statement.

11. Donor Privacy. KGOU does not sell, trade, or give its mailing and phone lists to any organization that is not directly associated with the station and its activities. KGOU does not allow its lists or databases to be used in any fashion that is not directly related to its activities and controlled by its procedures. Although KGOU may receive a number of requests for list-related information during the course of its business activities, KGOU has never participated in any arrangement that might compromise the security of its database information, nor does it intend to do so in the future.