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106.3 FM Norman ~ 105.7 FM Oklahoma City ~ 88.1 FM Woodward ~  91.9 FM Ada
103.1 FM Seminole ~ 106.9 FM Chickasha ~ 97.9 FM Ada ~ 105.1 FM Shawnee

To listen to KGOU on your computer or a Web-enabled mobile device, choose your connection speed or software installed on your device:

High speed connection:


M3U (Windows Media Player)

Mid-speed connection (uses less bandwidth):



If all else fails:
Try this low-bandwidth option

If you are having difficulty listening to the online stream, or to report an outage, please call (405) 325-5468 or toll-free (866) 533-2470, or try basic troubleshooting:

1. Check to make sure your computer has audio capability (sound card) and that volume is not muted.

2. Check whether audio software is installed on your computer or device, and if so, which software.

3. Check speakers to make sure they are installed and turned on.

KGOU is streaming in Apple Music

Listen in iTunes

Listen on any Apple device, or download to your PC.  Add KGOU to your personal "My Stations" list.

(Note: You must have iOS 7 or OS X Lion v10.7 or later, iTunes 11.1 or Apple TV 6.0 or later installed on your device, as well as an Apple ID for use in the iTunes Store.)