Crowdfunding KGOU

Mar 19, 2014


I know the term “crowdfunding” is the rage these days and there are a growing number of websites dedicated to helping organizations raise funds.

The Wikipedia reference on crowdfunding says people participate because they like to be partly responsible for the success of the project they are supporting.

I’d like to think that public broadcasting discovered the concept of crowdfunding a very long time ago. And we still practice crowdfunding each spring and fall during the membership drives when we ask you to be responsible for the success of KGOU.

To me, it is clear that the secret to crowdfunding is rooted the principle of “strength in numbers.” Crowdfunding only works when lots of folks come together with financial support.

The spring membership drive will be starting soon. Please join the crowd in funding KGOU, and prove that “strength in numbers” really works.