Dept. of Human Services Adjusting And Reorganizing

Jul 31, 2013

The Oklahoman reports that the Department of Human Services is reorganizing its departments and department heads.  Assistant Attorney General Ronald Baze will take on the role of new general counsel.

Ed Lake, Director of DHS

Ed Lake, DHS Director,  said that this breaks new ground in the relationship with the Attorney General's office as it gives DHS access to all their resources. Baze will stay on at the Attorney General's office  while heading the DHS legal staff.

  Child Care Services will now be managed by Jim Struby, Director of Adult and Family Services.  Adult Protective Services will become its own program within Community Living and Support Services under the management of Mark Jones.   A new chief of staff position is being created to manage Human Resources and the Office of Intergovernmental Relations and Policy, and Planning Research and Statistics. A new chief of staff has not yet been named. Sheree Powell,head of DHS media communications will be give a new title and new responsibilities, Director of Communications and Community Relations.