Fallin: Oklahoma’s Energy Plan Showing Success

Apr 15, 2013

Building new markets for Oklahoma energy products is a goal of Gov. Mary Fallin’s energy plan.

Oil production has been part of Oklahoma history since before statehood.
Credit CALI2OKIE / Flickr (Creative Commons)

Several speakers at the Governor’s Energy Conference praised Fallin’s administration for developing a plan for the state energy sector.

“One of the themes of our energy plan is looking for ways to build new markets for Oklahoma, and especially in one of our corps strengths, which is natural gas,” Fallin said at the event sponsored last fall by Oklahoma City University’s Meinders School of Business.

Companies in Oklahoma have “paved the way” to finding and producing large supplies of natural gas, according to Fallin.

“Natural gas is one of the keys to moving toward energy independence for our nation,” Fallin said. “Using more natural gas can create a healthier, cleaner and better environment.”

Some environmental groups, like the Environmental Defense Fund, are closely watching the industry to determine the amount of methane released into the atmosphere as part of the drilling process.

The EDF says methane, a potent greenhouse gas, released as part of production and distribution could undermine natural gas usage as a way to reduce global warming.

A Washington State University laboratory will be leading a national study starting this month to understand methane emissions that occur as part of the natural gas distribution system, according to a news release.