KGOU Students For Spring 2014

Jan 19, 2014

The main entrance to KGOU's operational area -- the doors through which our students will pass on their way to learning.

Student participation in the life of KGOU kicked off last week.

In the Radio Practicum class, we have Becca Buckner, Jeremy Choat and Nick Masopust.  These three will be learning and completing a wide range of activities behind the scenes including writing, announcing and producing a range content for broadcast.

In the Radio News class is Molly Evans and Madeline Stebbins.  They are starting on a series of in-depth radio stories that will air as part of Assignment: Radio.  The first episode of Assignment: Radio will be March 9 and will continue bi-weekly for the semester.

Our student paid staff includes Sarah Hurd in the Development Department; Alex Hilton handling "all things calendar," and Hayley Thornton as the Assignment: Radio producer. 

These are bright students and we look forward to a productive semester for them and KGOU.