Monday Earthquakes Prompt Bridge Inspections By ODOT

Jun 16, 2014

Credit David Overholt / Flickr Creative Commons

Oklahoma Department of Transportation officials said Monday due to the severity of some of Monday’s earthquakes in central Oklahoma, the department inspected bridges within a 5-mile radius looking for potential structural damage.

Four bridges were inspected Monday morning, said Brenda Perry, spokeswoman for ODOT. Bridges inspected include a bridge over Crutcho Creek, the bridge over Choctaw road and the bridge over the North Canadian River in Harrah. One bridge on state highway 66 was inspected near Luther, as well. 

“The nearby bridges were checked and no damage was noticed,” Perry said.

The agency performed a routine visual check on the four bridges. Perry said the agency inspects all bridges after any earthquake exceeding a 4.0 magnitude.