Oklahoma Rehabilitation Services Faces 1.2% Cut

Jun 9, 2014

Credit Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services

The Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services faces a 1.2 percent cut after budget negotiations for the 2015 fiscal year concluded with lawmakers and the governor approving a $7.1 billion budget.

The agency says its cut amounts to approximately $368,000 but it has not determined where the cut will be implemented. Jody Harlan, public information administrator, said Monday it is unlikely client services will be disrupted but commissioners and agency leaders did not give any indication as to what would be affected during their monthly meeting Monday morning. 

Despite the uncertainty, Harlan said the agency is grateful for the small percentage cut. In a year where the Legislature had to deal with a $188 million shortfall in the budget, many state agencies took much larger cuts than DRS, averaging around 5.5 percent.

“We feel very grateful to the Legislature for the small cut,” Harlan said. “We provide jobs for our clients that result in more people getting off state services like food stamps and paying taxes… we are very thankful the Legislature recognizes that.”