OSU Helping Its Inventors Go Commercial

Jul 25, 2013

A company owned by Oklahoma State University says it has secured $1.1 million in investment funding for work on arsenic removal technology that can be used in the real world.

Old Central on the campus of Oklahoma State University where the school's for-profit company is helping inventors see their ideas through to commercial production,
Credit DBinfo / Wikemedia Commons

The for-profit company, Cowboy Technologies, LLC, announced it closed on the funding for work at Associated Material Processing, a company with products that can remove arsenic from water systems.

AMP has already developed arsenic adsorption products for use in the semiconductor industry and drinking water treatment.

The school says Cowboy Technologies collaborated with an OSU professor of chemistry to advance his innovation from the laboratory into AMP's business model.

Cowboy Technologies was formed in 2011 with the goal of helping commercialize university inventions.