State Audits Reveal FEMA Ripped Off

Apr 3, 2014

Two state audits say that one commissioner's district in Rogers County over billed the Federal Emergency Management Agency by $250,000 and submitted a false invoice for $36,000.

Credit Jason Scragz /

State Auditor Gary Jones said Thursday that the reports would be forwarded to the local district attorney and to Attorney General Scott Pruitt for consideration of possible criminal charges.

The Tulsa World reports the audits cover spending in two fiscal years, ending June 30, 2012. The documents outlined 12 "items of interest" that involve $5.5 million spent in a FEMA project.

Audit documents allege that FEMA was overcharged through double invoicing and through claims higher than actual invoices.

District 3 Commission Kirt Thacker said after problems surfaced, financial responsibility for the district in question was taken over by two other districts.


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