State Supreme Court Hears Arguments In Common Core Lawsuit

Jul 15, 2014

An attorney says the Oklahoma Legislature engaged in "unprecedented expansion" of its authority when it passed legislation repealing Common Core education standards for English and math.

Credit LLudo / Flickr (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

Attorney Robert McCampbell made the comments Tuesday during oral arguments before the state Supreme Court in a lawsuit that alleges the legislation is unconstitutional.

The lawsuit alleges lawmakers violated the state Board of Education's constitutional authority over the "supervision of instruction in the public schools" when they repealed Common Core standards scheduled to go into effect in the upcoming school year.

But Solicitor General Patrick Wyrick argued that rulemaking is a legislative function and that the Legislature has supreme authority to pass laws.

The case was argued about a month before students return to the classroom. Justices did not indicate when they may rule.


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