"Tornadapreneur" Reed Timmer Takes TV Show to Internet

Mar 25, 2013

One of the nation’s most well-known storm chasers, Reed Timmer, is taking his work to the public after appearing for several years on the Discovery Channel.

Reed Timmer

To help pay for his new Internet-based series of programs, Timmer used social media and Kickstarter. The plan was a success, surpassing its initial $75,000 goal, now trying for a new “stretch goal” of $125,000 by Thursday.

Timmer likes the new format for his shows because they provide more time to get to know the chasers rather than focusing on the constant “action” that is a part of reality TV.

“Imagine watching that first episode, where I’m yelling, ‘Back up!’ and looking like a spaz,” he said. “We can focus on some of the science too.”

One of Reed Timmer's Dominator vehicles during a tornado intercept.

Timmer is also facing another deadline to complete his Ph.D. at the University of Oklahoma this semester.

The storm chasing team is also completing a third Dominator storm chasing vehicle to add to its fleet.