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Oklahoma Schools Superintendent Joy Hofmeister said she knows of no school grading system in the nation that she likes and believes Oklahoma can develop its own pioneering system to measure school performance.

However, she said revising the controversial A through F grading system is not an immediate priority. She is focused now on a “crisis” with keeping and hiring teachers and trying to add more days to the school year.

Tonight and tomorrow, 1,200 students from across the country will perform with the National Children’s Honor Choir in Salt Lake City.

It’s one of the most prestigious junior choruses in the country. Among them will be three students from a school in southwest Denver, where more than three-quarters of the kids qualify for free or reduced lunch.

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A bill allowing parents to receive cash subsidies from the state to send their children to private schools has cleared a Senate committee despite bipartisan opposition.

The Senate Finance Committee voted 8-6 on Tuesday for the bill that is fiercely opposed by education groups, including those representing school boards, administrators and teachers.

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Measures that would boost teacher salaries and pump more money into Oklahoma classrooms have been approved by a state House subcommittee.

Members of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Education approved the measures Tuesday while acknowledging they do not know how to pay for them. The Board of Equalization said Tuesday the state is facing a projected budget shortfall of $611 million next year due to low energy prices and the layoffs of oilfield workers.

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Business leaders are asking the public to approve a $415 million bond issue for Tulsa Public Schools.

The Tulsa World reports proponents on Sunday launched the "Yes for TPS" bond campaign to rally support for the package's four propositions. They cite a need for renovations, creating an educated workforce and addressing technology deficiencies.

Nearly $240 million would go toward facilities construction and repair. Other expenses include new libraries, school busses and textbooks.

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A trio of experts in education standards will deliver presentations to a steering committee responsible for helping develop new academic standards in Oklahoma.

The steering committee was formed after the Legislature repealed Common Core. The hearing is delayed by a few hours due to Monday morning's winter storm.

Oklahoma graduated 85 percent of its high school students in 2012-2013 according to data released by the National Center for Education Statistics Thursday.

That graduation rate ranks Oklahoma 20th nationally, and puts the state ahead of the national average of 81 percent.

Hundreds of students and parents for school choice in Oklahoma are packing the halls of the Capitol and urging the Oklahoma Legislature to provide more opportunities for charter schools in the state.

A large crowd rallied on the south steps of the building Wednesday before coming inside to eat lunch and visit with their lawmakers.

Oklahoma City Public Schools

Oklahoma City Public Schools board members say they learned about a city plan to extend the period for redirecting downtown tax revenue away from schools and other purposes only after the City Council voted to go ahead with evaluating the plan.

Last Stop on Market Street is a new picture book that takes children on a journey, not to an imaginary land far, far away but to a much more real place by way of a city bus. CJ is riding with his grandmother, Nana, and along the way, he encounters a variety of passengers — a man covered in tattoos, an elderly woman with a jar of butterflies, a blind man and his guide dog, teens listening to music.