Oklahoma Department of Human Services

Oklahoma News
4:33 pm
Sun December 21, 2014

Last Minute Donations Needed To Fill Christmas Wish Lists For Children In Foster Care

Credit asenat29

The Oklahoma Department of Human Services (DHS) and OK Foster Wishes are asking for some last-minute donations to ensure all children in foster care receive Christmas presents. 

DHS partnered with OK Foster Wishes this year to provide thousands of children in foster care with Christmas gifts.  A wish list was made for each child with specific gifts that child needed or wanted. OK Foster Wishes distributed those wish lists statewide to organizations and citizens wanting to help purchase the gifts for children. 

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Oklahoma News
7:50 pm
Mon November 17, 2014

Required Improvements For DHS To Address Shortcomings

Credit Oklahoma Dept. of Human Services

The Oklahoma Department of Human Services must review plans to develop new foster homes, prepare weekly caseload reports and develop a remediation plan to reduce a Child Protective Services backlog.

Those are among the improvements ordered by monitors supervising Oklahoma's settlement of a class-action lawsuit. The lawsuit alleged DHS victimized foster children by failing to find safe homes for them and inadequately monitored their safety because employees were overworked and poorly managed.

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Politics and Government
7:03 pm
Wed October 15, 2014

Report Says DHS Not Meeting Goals

Credit Oklahoma Dept. of Human Services

In a new report issued today, three national experts cite Oklahoma's lack of progress in critical, inter-related foster care areas.

The three experts, called Co-Neutrals, were approved by Oklahoma's Department of Human Services and appointed by the court pursuant to a settlement with plaintiffs of a long-standing federal class action brought on behalf of children in the state's foster care system.

The Co-Neutrals are charged to evaluate and render judgment on the state's performance in strengthening the state's child welfare system.

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Oklahoma News
9:14 am
Wed August 6, 2014

Oklahoma DHS Announces $362.4M In Child Support Collections

Credit Oklahoma Dept. of Human Services

The Oklahoma Department of Human Services says its Child Support Services division collected $362.4 million in past due child support payments during the fiscal year that ended June 30.

DHS says the collections between July 1, 2013, and June 30, 2014, is a new collections record and averages out to $993,070.46 per day.

The department says there is still $2.15 billion in past due child support payments that are owed.


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Human Services
9:55 am
Tue January 14, 2014

Oklahoma Disabilities Waiting List Moving Forward, Still Almost A Decade Behind

Credit Oklahoma Dept. of Human Services

The Oklahoma Department of Human Services Developmental Disabilities Services Waiting List has been years in the making. The list serves individuals with developmental or intellectual disabilities and his or her family.

Oklahoma’s waiting list is not an entitlement under Medicaid, even though services are provided with Medicaid funding, but many of the services are received via OKDHS. In that manner, Division Director JoAnne Goin said services are entitlements similar to nursing home services.

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Cash On Hand
6:40 pm
Mon September 30, 2013

If Government Shuts Down, DHS Good Through The End Of The Week

Credit tax credits / Flickr.com

A spokesman for Oklahoma's Department of Human Services says the agency is taking a "wait and see" approach when it comes to determining what effect a government shutdown could have on the agency.

Mark Beutler says most the programs using federal money are reimbursed by the government. He says that means that if the government does shut down Tuesday, it will not affect DHS immediately. He says DHS has enough cash on hand for the time being and operations will be business as usual through the rest of the week.

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Oklahoma Voices
10:59 am
Mon September 30, 2013

Supporting The Safety Net: Examining Poverty In Oklahoma

Credit Oklahoma Policy Institute

Census Bureau data released in September show that one in six Oklahomans were a part of a family falling below the poverty line - $19,090 for a three-person household. The figures analyzed by the Oklahoma Policy Institute show 23.8 percent of Oklahoma children live in poverty, an increase of 1.7 percent over the last five years.

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Politics and Government
3:59 pm
Wed July 31, 2013

Dept. of Human Services Adjusting And Reorganizing

Ed Lake, Director of DHS
Credit www.okdhs.org

The Oklahoman reports that the Department of Human Services is reorganizing its departments and department heads.  Assistant Attorney General Ronald Baze will take on the role of new general counsel.

Ed Lake, DHS Director,  said that this breaks new ground in the relationship with the Attorney General's office as it gives DHS access to all their resources. Baze will stay on at the Attorney General's office  while heading the DHS legal staff.

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3:08 pm
Fri April 26, 2013

Waiting List for Helping Developmentally Disabled Is Nearly a Decade Long

The waiting list for Oklahomans seeking state-paid care for developmental disabilities has jumped to more than 7,000, and some families have been on that list for nearly a decade.
The number of people on the list has risen by 24 percent since 2010, when Oklahoma had the third largest waiting list for such services in the nation, according to a University of Minnesota study. Just under half the applicants are children; most are from low-income families.