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Oklahoma lawmakers are still in a special session looking to find additional revenue, one month before the next regular session is scheduled to begin. Gov. Mary Fallin called the special session last month, asking lawmakers to provide additional funding for the Oklahoma Department of Human Services and the State Health Care Authority. The legislature appropriated funds for the health agencies but have not yet found a way to prevent future budget shortfalls.

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The Oklahoma Supreme Court hears arguments August 8 in the case over the state’s new $1.50-per-pack cigarette fee.

Oklahoma Department of Human Services Director Ed Lake.
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The head of Oklahoma’s social safety net agency requested lawmakers provide an additional $45.8 million in supplemental funding for the current fiscal years.

Call specialists answer HeartLine Inc.’s various helplines inside the organization’s call center in Oklahoma City.
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Two Oklahoma non-profits are struggling to determine how to maintain the state’s social services hotline due to budget shortfalls.

The Oklahoma Department of Human Services cut all of the fund for the state's 211 call-in system.

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Citing budget cuts, state officials are ending the controversial Oklahoma Marriage Initiative, a 17-year-old program originally aimed at reducing the state’s high divorce rate.

The state Department of Human Services announced it is eliminating its funding for the program because the agency is facing a budget shortfall of more than $100 million this fiscal year. It is implementing $45 million in cuts that include slashing 91 positions and reducing several public-assistance programs and will seek supplementary funding to help fill the remaining gap.

The Oklahoma Department of Human Services’ Human Services Center in Oklahoma City.
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Officials from the Oklahoma Department of Human Services say some of the agency’s offices could close or be consolidated. Persistent budget cuts have already forced DHS to eliminate more than a thousand jobs over the past two years, Dale Denwalt writes for the Journal Record.

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In order to save $25 million before the start of Fiscal Year 2017 on July 1, the Oklahoma Department of Human Services has to make hard choices.

Each month, DHS sends out about 88,000 checks called state supplemental payments. They go to disabled Oklahomans, along with the elderly and the blind. The average payment is about $36.

But as of next month, DHS will only process the payments every quarter, meaning no more money will be doled out until July.

Oklahoma Department of Human Services Director Ed Lake.
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The Oklahoma Department of Human Services announced Tuesday it plans to shorten contracts and offer voluntary buyouts to hundreds of employees.

The move comes as the agency tries to deal with roughly $68 million in budget reductions over the next year and a half.

DHS faces a roughly $40 million dollar budget shortfall in the next fiscal year. DHS will also lose about $19 million in state funds due to the 3 percent budget reductions asked for after Finance Secretary Preston Doerflinger declared a revenue failure , plus an additional $9 million in federal matching dollars.

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A pair of foster parents and the nonprofit Second Amendment Foundation are suing the Oklahoma Department of Human Services over an agency rule about firearm possession.

Home health nurse Rita Nuss reads a book to 9-year-old Josiah Melton, who has  chromosomal disorders and is on the developmental disabilities services waiting list.
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After decreasing last year, the waiting list for a state program that provides services to Oklahomans with developmental and intellectual disabilities has grown again, to the highest level ever.

As of Oct. 15, the wait time for those seeking state-paid services for their developmental disabilities was nearly a decade, according to the Oklahoma Department of Human Services. The number of people on the waiting list grew from 6,992 in July 2014 to 7,239 in October this year.

Oklahoma Department of Human Services

Plaintiffs in a now-settled lawsuit say not enough progress is being made to improve the foster care system in Oklahoma.

The Pinnacle Plan is an agreement to the suit, which claimed the Oklahoma Department of Human Services had policies that led to the harm of abused and neglected children in state custody.

The plan has a list of specific improvements that should be met by 2017, with goals to reach along the way. Monitors of the plan have given mixed verdicts in the agency's success in meeting the benchmarks.

The Tulsa World reports that plaintiffs have written a letter to the monitors, seeking them to intervene to spur faster change.


The Oklahoma Department of Human Services (DHS) and OK Foster Wishes are asking for some last-minute donations to ensure all children in foster care receive Christmas presents. 

DHS partnered with OK Foster Wishes this year to provide thousands of children in foster care with Christmas gifts.  A wish list was made for each child with specific gifts that child needed or wanted. OK Foster Wishes distributed those wish lists statewide to organizations and citizens wanting to help purchase the gifts for children. 

Oklahoma Dept. of Human Services

The Oklahoma Department of Human Services must review plans to develop new foster homes, prepare weekly caseload reports and develop a remediation plan to reduce a Child Protective Services backlog.

Those are among the improvements ordered by monitors supervising Oklahoma's settlement of a class-action lawsuit. The lawsuit alleged DHS victimized foster children by failing to find safe homes for them and inadequately monitored their safety because employees were overworked and poorly managed.

Report Says DHS Not Meeting Goals

Oct 15, 2014
Oklahoma Dept. of Human Services

In a new report issued today, three national experts cite Oklahoma's lack of progress in critical, inter-related foster care areas.

The three experts, called Co-Neutrals, were approved by Oklahoma's Department of Human Services and appointed by the court pursuant to a settlement with plaintiffs of a long-standing federal class action brought on behalf of children in the state's foster care system.

The Co-Neutrals are charged to evaluate and render judgment on the state's performance in strengthening the state's child welfare system.

Oklahoma Dept. of Human Services

The Oklahoma Department of Human Services says its Child Support Services division collected $362.4 million in past due child support payments during the fiscal year that ended June 30.

DHS says the collections between July 1, 2013, and June 30, 2014, is a new collections record and averages out to $993,070.46 per day.

The department says there is still $2.15 billion in past due child support payments that are owed.


Oklahoma Dept. of Human Services

The Oklahoma Department of Human Services Developmental Disabilities Services Waiting List has been years in the making. The list serves individuals with developmental or intellectual disabilities and his or her family.

Oklahoma’s waiting list is not an entitlement under Medicaid, even though services are provided with Medicaid funding, but many of the services are received via OKDHS. In that manner, Division Director JoAnne Goin said services are entitlements similar to nursing home services.

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A spokesman for Oklahoma's Department of Human Services says the agency is taking a "wait and see" approach when it comes to determining what effect a government shutdown could have on the agency.

Mark Beutler says most the programs using federal money are reimbursed by the government. He says that means that if the government does shut down Tuesday, it will not affect DHS immediately. He says DHS has enough cash on hand for the time being and operations will be business as usual through the rest of the week.

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Census Bureau data released in September show that one in six Oklahomans were a part of a family falling below the poverty line - $19,090 for a three-person household. The figures analyzed by the Oklahoma Policy Institute show 23.8 percent of Oklahoma children live in poverty, an increase of 1.7 percent over the last five years.

The Oklahoman reports that the Department of Human Services is reorganizing its departments and department heads.  Assistant Attorney General Ronald Baze will take on the role of new general counsel.

Ed Lake, DHS Director,  said that this breaks new ground in the relationship with the Attorney General's office as it gives DHS access to all their resources. Baze will stay on at the Attorney General's office  while heading the DHS legal staff.

The waiting list for Oklahomans seeking state-paid care for developmental disabilities has jumped to more than 7,000, and some families have been on that list for nearly a decade.